New Structured Silver Solution

New silver solutions developed after 2010 are amazing people around the globe. Making use of good chemistry AND good physics, new structured silver products are replacing earlier generations of products that focused on chemistry alone.

This website curates and presents information found online about the latest in silver.

Silver Solutions – Old vs New

Silver water combinations have progressed from primitive mixtures with mixed benefits to outstanding new structured silver water.

Early “colloidal silvers” were often highly concentrated suspensions of silver in water. Although some people still use these primitive silvers today, these were popular 100 years ago and were used throughout the 20th Century until the discovery of antibiotics. Once penicillin and other antibiotics grew in prominence, these colloidal silvers were largely abandoned. These early colloidal silvers often had contaminants in them (silver proteins, silver salts, etc.) and typically worked through chemical action (one silver molecule = one pathogen disabled.)

Similarly, “ionic silvers” were used in primitive ways with a checkered past when it came to purity and effectiveness. Argyria (the bluing of the skin) was not uncommon among primitive silver users.

Other primitive silver concoctions were used in the past, including silver nitrate and other chemical forms of silver where the antimicrobial benefits were considered to be worth the risks.

In the late 20th Century, remarkable leaps in quality and effectiveness were made with silver solutions. Marketed under various names (eg. new colloidal silver, advanced silver solution, silver aquasol, etc.), these silvers were able to function with increased effectiveness and safety. At the same time, the rise of antibiotic resistance meant increased appetite for new antimicrobial tools.

Now, there is an even better silver solution that outperforms all the others. It works at a very low concentration and acts through physics instead of just through chemistry. This is puzzling to many people, but 3rd party tests have shown the most recent structured alkaline silver solutions to be even more effective than the other solutions.

This website focuses on the physics of silver and why this is an important topic when comparing one silver solution with another.

Why Are Silver Solutions Important?

If you are new to silver, here is a quick introduction to the element and why it matters:

Video transcription:
“Silver is a very interesting element. First of all, it conducts energy better than any other mineral. Which makes it very valuable for calculators and computers, and we use it as a disinfectant even more so than as an electrical transfer of energy.

“When you realize that silver has a resonant frequency from its basic molecular structure, you find that it’s very beneficial for destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast and it can be dissolved into water with the proper electrical and magnetic currents so we can drink it and use it orally.

“But silver, think about this, silver is currency, it’s money, it’s valuable. Now, when you take that silver coin and you throw it into a water barrel like the pioneers did 150 years ago, it actually disinfects the water. Why? Because silver transfers energy wherever it goes. The energy it transfers in water or milk happens to be disinfectant. Yet, the energy that it transfers in your calculator or in your computer transfers a different form of energy.

“What I’m saying is, silver is unique because it transfers a lot of different forms of energy and by doing so it becomes one of the most valuable elements on the whole periodic chart. With that in mind, it has a value that is literally currency. It has a value as a disinfectant. You can wash your clothes with it. You can wash your internal body with it. It’s safe enough that it can be put in any orifice of the body, and remember: it transfers energy, a healthy energy.”

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